Vancouver A to Z

Q is for Québécois

Frenchies: Authentically from Quebec

Date: October 2019

Address:  2470 Main Street, Vancouver


Smoked Meat Poutine – Hand cut fries with Montreal smoked meat, cheese curd & gravy
Quarter Chicken Dinner – Dark meat, St. Hubert sauce, bun, coleslaw and fries

Massacre – Tequila, Campari, Ginger Ale
St. Ambroise beer

Sugar Pie

Quitting Q? (no Qatar)

Close but not quite

Questioning Quebec with a
quick quest
quintessential Québécois quality
quasi-queen of Canada: poutine!

P is for Peruvian

Silvestre Deli & Bistro: Peruvian restaurant

Date: October 2019

Address:  317 Water St, Vancouver


Ceviche de Pescado – Raw fish marinated in lime juice and seasoned with Peruvian peppers and red onion, served with boiled sweet potatoes, Peruvian corn (choclo) and toasted corn (cancha).

Chicaron de Pescado – Calamari with marinated onions and lime juice with fried yuca.

Chicha Morada – Purple corn, fruit and spices
Inka Cola


Palette package

Please provide parameters
of this Peruvian place?

Paprika in plenitude of plates,
pastoral paintings and panels of patterns,
peasants in precarious postures,
pictures of play and poise.

Parade of portions
with poetic personal proposals
of pieces from the pantry.

Pondering pros and cons,
presuming paradoxical pathways.

Purpose of our picks is plainly
plurality of practical palatal preferences.

Pay and pencil as positive past.

O is for omission


“O” was only for Oman, but obviously omitted,
orbiting obscure objects
with octopus, oysters, oranges, olives…
observing and ogling our obsessions
with only one option.

Openly and officially oppressed,
we opted out for organizing
other original and outstanding,
less ominous or odd
operations and opportunities,
with less obstacles, less opposing, less optimal,
but more ordinary or more original
occurrence – onward with obligatory P.

N is for Nigerian

Arike – Nigerian restaurant and cocktail bar

Date: August 2019

Address: 1725 Davie St, Vancouver


Fried Habanero Corn Fritters – corn, habanero, confit garlic & salted tomato
Braised Goat Spoon – ata din din pepper sauce, sprinkled with peanut crumb & topped with a pickled onion

Pulled Oxtail & Cured Pork Bellycaramelized onion base, soft house cheese, pickled habanero, cured tomato
Spiced Goat Dumplings – sweet chili oil, aerated herb yogurt, fried onion

Pof Pofs – ginger honey, cinnamon sugar, mint

Moscow Mule – Stolichnaya vodka, lime, ginger
Rose Cabernet Franc-Merlot

No nonsense

New nourishment neighbourhood
never nibbled on Nigerian.

Mr. No Name, not nearly native,
nerdy but noble,
notified about navigating the novelties.
No unnecessary, no nebulous networking
Narratives not negotiated,
only numbers.
Not negative, no nudging, no nagging,
nice, neat and nippy.
No-brainer. Nailed it!


M is for Moroccan

Moltaqa – authentically Moroccan

Date: August 2019

Address:  51 West Hastings Street, Vancouver,


Appetizer: Stuffed aubergine and beans

Main: Lamb Tagine

Dessert: Date tart

Drink: Moroccan mint tea


Mmm, Moroccan!

We made a move to our mark.
A mid-twenties mortal,
a mankind-minding mademoiselle,
marketed her merchandise.
Maybe menu?
She mistakenly made a mess,
but we didn’t make a mountain out of a molehill.
Well-mannered, she mentioned a few munches
to mull over.
What did she mean?
Motivated, we made up our minds,
but miscalculated, too much of moreish meals.

Mental musing,
moments of memories,
Middle Eastern, Mediterranean mapping
of motherland,
then modified, manipulated by military masterminds.
Migration, movements – misplaced.

Mindfulness manifested
mellow munching with muffled music,
melting away.

L is for Lebanese

Lebanese at Manoush’eh

Date: August 2019

Address:  620 Davie Street, Vancouver,


Lunch: Lentil soup

Zaatar with Jebneh & Kafta

Drink: Lebanese Coffee

Labour of Love

Looking for letter “L”
little lower, down the lane,
lucky location
with lots on the list.

Legitimately Lebanese –
a lady and lads lashing
in lavish language,
letting us linger over lentils and lingo
liberal layers of liveliness.

Little by little, less is left,
leisurely, almost lazy
licking our lips
less lonely and lost.

Laughter like lava,
levitating with love.
Leaving last.

K is for Korean

Sura Korean Cuisine

Date: August 2019

Address:  Robson St, Vancouver,


Spicy Sliced Pork – Grilled tiny sliced tender pork marinated in chilli pepper sauce.

Japchae – Stir fried savoury potato noodles in sweet sesame with beef and mixed vegetables

Bok-bunja Ju – Korean fruit wine made from wild Korean raspberries called Bok-Bunja and medicinal herbs.


Among kaleidoscopic k(c)ushions
in k(c)harismatic k(c)olours,
knowing nothing about Korean k(c)uisine,
we made a kamikaze run on kimchi
and the whole kit and kaboodle from the kithchen.

Keen to kick at the k(c)an,
the Korean key kind kens
kept our “king-of-the-kings” karma.

Kudos and kisses!

Thank you, letter “c,” for your assistance with this Kafkaesque knot.

J is for Jamaican

Riddim & Spice – True Jamaican

Date: May 2019

Address: 1945 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4A8


Dinner: Goat curry with rice and Fried red snapper fish

Drink: Ginger beer and coconut water


Jaw-dropping –
just Jack-in-the-box.

Jaywalking across jazzed Jamaican jungle,
jo jam jamming, no jam-packing, no jambalaya,
not even jive.

Jingle, jingle, juxtapose junior jumble

Jump into Jacuzzi in a jiffy.

I is for Iranian

Gillaneh Grill House Iranian restaurant

Date: May 2019

Address: 1072 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2M8


Appetizer: Kashke Bademjan: eggplant with walnuts
Dizi – Traditional Iranian lamb chickpea soup
Fesenjan – Chicken in walnut and pomegranate sauce
Drink: Mast Khiar – Cucumber and mint yogurt


I instantly identified ideology:
intrinsically Iranian.

Imposing interesting interactions
invested in injecting intimate inmates
in the immaculate interior
and their ideal ilk.

Iconic important identity –
inamorata and inamorato
an item – inaudible interactions in isolation.

Image of Icarus ignoring ill-informed inquiry,
impulsive, imbalanced, imperfect, immature,
inclined to irrationally ignite ideas
that initiate incidents inch by inch,
with irreversible implications and impact.

In-between improvisations and in-depth impressions
immediate irresistible initiatives
immersed in immemorial and immortal imprints.


H is for Hawaiian

Searching for H

Date: May 2019

Address: 3735 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 2G5


SPICY TUNA two scoops local tuna, standard toppings, masago, roasted nuts, pickled ginger Spicy Gomae Sauce

Happy in harbour

Hungry for Hungarian,
which is hideously hiding.
However, having Hawaii
as a hypothetical home-country,
heading to a harbour.


Hundreds of hustling humans in harmony
Hadrian’s heirs with hairbands and hairdos,
and headphones,
like harlequins hopping high and hilarious,
taking a hack half-jokingly, half-naked like on holiday.
No haste, no hurry, a hike here and there.

Hearts in hands, harmless, with hats against heat
harvesting haiku and hallucinations,
hunting for happiness with no hazard,
heavenly hegemonic heros.