P is for Peruvian

Silvestre Deli & Bistro: Peruvian restaurant

Date: October 2019

Address:  317 Water St, Vancouver

Website: http://silvestregustolatino.com/

Ceviche de Pescado – Raw fish marinated in lime juice and seasoned with Peruvian peppers and red onion, served with boiled sweet potatoes, Peruvian corn (choclo) and toasted corn (cancha).

Chicaron de Pescado – Calamari with marinated onions and lime juice with fried yuca.

Chicha Morada – Purple corn, fruit and spices
Inka Cola


Palette package

Please provide parameters
of this Peruvian place?

Paprika in plenitude of plates,
pastoral paintings and panels of patterns,
peasants in precarious postures,
pictures of play and poise.

Parade of portions
with poetic personal proposals
of pieces from the pantry.

Pondering pros and cons,
presuming paradoxical pathways.

Purpose of our picks is plainly
plurality of practical palatal preferences.

Pay and pencil as positive past.