T is for Turkish

Saray restaurantSaray, a Turkish restaurant

Date: January 2020

Address: 6633 Hastings St, Burnaby

Website: https://sarayturkish.com/

Acili Ezme (spicy puree) and Patlıcan Salatası (eggplant salad)

Patlicanli Kebap (eggplant kebab), Beef Pide and Pastirmali Pide


Truly traditional temptations

Table truncated to terrestrial tier
to tolerate taking time to triturate.

Thinking of turbulent times
of torture and tussle under Turks
thousands of eternities ago,
transformed into tributes to terminology,
tunes and tones,
and tasty, treacly tongue-pleasers.

Talking to the teammate about things,
time travelling,
touching on teenage turmoil and troubles,
on tomorrow’s travails.

All this while terminating tender tributes;
no take on tulumbas though, till thereafter.

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