R is for Russian

Ukrainian Village – as close to Russian as possible

Date: November 2019

Address:  815 Denman Street, Vancouver

Website: https://ukrainianvillage.wixsite.com/canada

Vegetarian Borsch – Beet soup served with sour cream

Ukrainian Dinner – Two cabbage rolls, six perogies, Ukrainian sausage served with vegetables and sour cream

Stolichnaya vodka

Napoleon (Russian Cake)


Replacing Russian with Ukrainian,
relatively reasonable.

Rhythm of rain and rain
– the restaurant rendering restful refuge.

Rising above trivial refreshments,
running down the red lane,
rightly relishing repast.

Ruminating on roaming remote rural ranges,
rapidly remembering relaxing road rides.

Readjusting to reality,
recharged and re-energized,
running through the rain repeatedly.