Hold the World

Hold the world for me,
spinning, yet still, in waiting
for this fall,
for another hard-breathing winter,
for de-masking of fear.

Show me its faces,
show me all your faces:
happiness and hopelessness,
loss and joy,
solitude and whisper,
holding onto your own few.

We are all searching
for that comfort
for unity of souls;
for playfulness of hearts;
for a touch,
– that is forbidden,
for resting my face,
in your hands.
That wisdom that comes with age
– or so they say –
cannot help,
trapped in the nets of melting time.

Maybe I am that ball
that rotates looking for its axis
and its centre of gravity.
At the end,
we are the makers of each other’s existence.
Without being together
how can we learn
what loneliness is?