Workshops, Installations & Exhibitions

  • Exhibition Neither Here nor There, but Everywhere. Neither Then nor Now, but Forever, September 2023 to January 2024, Outlet Gallery, Port Coquitlam. With Linda Haftner, Pierre Leichner, Alex Lavrov, Johnny Tai, Hoda Mir, and Barbara Tevarotto. Four pieces: poetry film “On the Margin of History”, installation “On the Road”, edible flowers installation “Hope” and poetry quilt “Left Behind”.
  • Poetry and Technology: Multiplicity of Engagement, panel discussion at Word Vancouver, September 2023.
  • Multimodal Poetics workshop on AR (Augmented Reality) poetry, September 2023, part of Word Vancouver Festival.
  • Sea of Po: a poetry interactive mag-app developed by Jim Andrews, an interactive app. poem “Cursed poem” (“Prokleta pesma”) 2022.
  • Writing Workshop, Trauma: The road back. Moon Flower: Blooming in the Dark. April 30, 2022 and Back to Wholeness, June 6, 2022 (online, with Bonnie Nish).
  • Cinematheque Film making Showcase: Video poetry, Legacy”. January 2022, Polygon Gallery, North Vancouver.
  • Multi-sensory expression: “Smart cookies” – poetry in AR, TEC Expo 2021, Vancouver
  • Telephone project, An international arts game: art response to an art, April 10, 2021.
  • Taste of Love: Edible Poetry, (poetry on edible flowers), February 7, 2020 at Koko Monk chocolatery, Vancouver
  • Culture Days Vancouver – Workshop: Play with words and media. September 28, 2019 (with Mary McDonald)
  • Still/ed Here: A Story of Displacement – Participatiory installation at Vancouver Public Library, Hastings’s branch, Britannia branch, Bowen Island and Word Vancouver in September, and Victoria Public Library in October 2019 (with Mary McDonald)
  • Margins of History – exhibition at Gluckman gallery.The Electronic Literature Organization Conference & Media Arts Festival, ELO 2019. Cork, Ireland, 15-17 July, 2019.
  • On the Margin of History: Video Poem and AR exhibition. Arts2019. Surrey Art Gallery,Canada June 28-August 31, 2019 and . 21st International Conference Consciousness Reframed: Sentient States Bio-mind and Techno-nature. Porto, Portugal, June 6-8, 2019.
  • Još uvek ovde: Na margini istorije (Still/ed Here: On the Margin of History), video poetry and AR exhibition, University of Novi Sad rectorate, June 14-21, 2019.

Film Festivals and Film Awards

  • Rome International Short Film Festival, poetry film, Legacy – semi-finalist, October 2023.
  • Berlin Short Film Festival, poetry film, Legacy – semi-finalist, October 2023.
  • Milan Filmmaker Awards, poetry film, Legacy – semi-finalist, October 2023.
  • Vancouver Independent MovieMaker Awards, poetry film, Legacy – semi-finalist, September 2023.
  • Paris Lady MovieMakers Festival, poetry film, Legacy – semi-finalist, July 2023.
  • Paris International Short Festival, poetry film Legacy – finalist, July 2023.
  • Phoenix Short, film festival, poetry film, Legacy – semi-finalist, June 2023.
  • REELpoetry/HoustonTX 2023, poetry film, Legacy, February, 2023.
  • Monologues and Poetry International Film Festival, California USA. “Legacy”, December 2022
  • NEWLYN PZ International Short Film Festival 2021. “On the Margin of History” – in the category Documentary film, May 2021
  • REEL Poetry Film Festival: On the Margin of History, February 24, 2021:
  • CinePoetry Film Festival: Still/ed Here: A Story of Displacement, January 24-26, 2020 Uprooted at Reel Cinepoetry Festival Houston
  • MOPIFF 2019: On the Margin of History Motion Pictures International Film Festival, August 23-25, 2015, Salt Lake City, US.

Readings (only from 2019 on)

  • Poetic Pairings, July 2023 Vancouver
  • Art & Poetry in the Gallery, June 2023 Vancouver
  • Dragonfly poetry reading, June 2022
  • Featured poet at Twisted Poets and Poetic Justice in February 2020
  • Books and Biscotti: in January, 2020. The Museum Hall.  Italian Cultural Centre, Vancouver
  • Featured Poet at Poetry and Arts in Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery, in November, and at Spoken Ink, in September, Poetic Pairing in October andTWS Reading Series,


  • Quills magazine, pandemic issue. Published poems Hiding, Inhaling Four Seasons and Hold the World, January 2023.
  • Pocket Lint: A new little literary magazine of short form poems, “Love”. May 2021
  • Telephone project, An international arts game: art response to an art. “Hold the world”. April 10, 2021.ZetMag magazine – On the Margin of History 2019
  • Dragonfly Arts Magazine 2019. – “Strauss’ Waltz” 2019.
  • Poetry and Art: Celebrating Ten Years. “The Seventh Year” and “Strauss’ Waltz” 2019
  • Visual Verse: An Anthology of Art and Words, Vol. 06, Chapter 04 – “You in blue” 2019