Flight over the clouds, 2017

Building a strong team at the Faculty of Education has been an extraordinary process. Selecting individuals for our team who are not only engaged in their role and dedicated to providing quality service, but who also bring new and complementary energy to the department, has been vital to growing as a unit and Faculty. Each member is an important part of the UBC community, providing input, sharing experiences and knowledge, learning from others, and making important decisions about the future of the university.

My role is to lead the Faculty of Education in navigating the digital learning environment. I value my ability to see the “big picture” and envision a type of possible reality for our work. Through this lens, I evaluate the tools we use, make choices, and decide on implementation, support and maintenance. I also hire and supervise employees, looking after their needs and the priorities of the faculty and university.

The UBC Faculty of Education was ranked number one in Canada in 2016, and its list of values and achievements would not be complete without mentioning the work of my unit, Educational Technology Support (ETS). I am very proud of our involvement in UBC’s accomplishments and honored that other faculties on campus seek guidance and advice from our team. I have advised on important university decisions surrounding learning technologies; most recently, I was a member of the Evaluation Committee (8 persons) for the Learning Technology Renewal project, looking into UBC’s Learning Management System (LMS) replacement.