Awards for Service

  • UBC (The University of British Columbia) President’s Staff Award for Creativity and Innovation, 2017
  • Nomination for Staff Excellence Award, UBC May 2012
  • Nomination for Spencer Award IT Innovation at UBC, June 2008.
  • Nomination for Staff Excellence Award, UBC June 2006

Other Awards

  • Judges choice award for the poster “Now it is easy! Accessibility for all”.  NCM conference, Princeton, –  June, 2008
  • NMC Virtual Learning Prize (VLP) for “Collaborative creative writing in pre-designed space,” – July 2008 ($5,000 US)
  • BC Innovation Award in Educational Technology, Educational Technology User Group and BC Campus for Web Accessibility project, 2007.

Awards and Scholarship during Doctoral studies

  • Ph.D. research study selected as one of the eight in Canada for “Profiling Canadian Graduate Student Research” a Spotlight Session at AERA conference, April 2012.
  • Ph.D. Tuition Fee Award, 2007-2011
  • Four Year Fellowships (FYF) for PhD Students
  • Joseph-Armand Canada Graduate Scholarship – SSHRC (three-year), 2008-2011
  • Digital Literacy Fellowship, 2007/2008
  • Graduate Entrance Scholarship, 2007
  • Special UBC Graduate Scholarship, 2007