playing the piano
We just need a good teacher

Entering the computer-based education field as a person with a non-technical background, made me experience and master it from a variety of roles, as an online students, as a learner of digital technologies, as a support staff, as a manager and as a leader and visionary. An educator at heart, my approach to technology and teaching others is based on constructivist principles. In other words, meet people where they are and help them excel. I read every page of the courses that are developed for online delivery, discuss the possibilities and limitations of the digital tools with the course authors, and learn with them. Over the last 15 years, our “inventory” grew to about 120 fully online courses, and our team from one member to four.

I am thankful to Dr. Tony Bates who opened the doors for me to technology-based distributed learning. The list of further mentors, colleagues and friends who helped me become who I am, professionally and personally, is too long, but it doesn’t mean I can forget “the shoulders I’ve been standing on.”

My work experience