Conference presentation
Conference presentation (CC license)

Entering the computer-based education field as a person with a non-technical background allowed me to experience and master the discipline from a variety of roles: as an online student, member of a support staff, manager, leader, and visionary. This diversity of experience has influenced my approach to technology and teaching, as well as my identity as an educator at heart. With constructivist principles at the core of my work, I strive to meet people where they are, and help them excel. I read every page of each course that is developed for online delivery, discuss the possibilities and limitations of the digital tools, and learn alongside course authors and my collaborators. Over the last 20 years, our “inventory” has grown to about 180 fully online courses, and our team from one member to six.

The opportunity to learn from others is a privilege that I am grateful for. I believe in the importance of sharing good practices, accomplishments, and challenges among the community. I aim to attend conferences where I can be inspired and offer presentations on our projects to inspire others. Each time I travel to a new place, I try to come back to my workplace with an idea. My hope is that these fresh ideas can lead to an exciting new project or process, or to a deeper reflection on my own way of being and doing.

I am thankful to Dr. Tony Bates, who opened the doors for me to explore technology-based distributed learning. The list of further mentors, colleagues, and friends who helped me become who I am, professionally and personally, is too long– but this does not mean I have forgotten the “shoulders I’ve been standing on.”

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