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Summer 2016, Alberta, Canada

After completing my Ph.D., I decided to officially return to teaching while continuing my position at ETS. I teach in the Master of Educational Technology program at UBC. The course is ETEC 524: Learning Technologies – Selection, Design and Application, but I have also previously ETEC 510: Design of Technology Supported Learning Environments. Through this coursework, I find the opportunity to work with educational professionals and guide them through the process of thinking critically about digital technologies and learning, to be extremely gratifying. Every summer, I teach a course or a set of workshops at the Faculty of Philosophy, at the University of Novi Sad in Serbia. I work with PhD students interested in implementing technology into their teaching practice. I like this change of environment, as when I go back to my Alma Mater, I am reminded how lucky we are with our resources at UBC. The creativity coming our of necessity and often lack of financial support ,challenges me to look for different solutions. The student optimism and passion inspires me.
More about my teaching background can be found in the section Teaching.


When it comes to life-long education, I am definitely ahead of my time– I consider myself to have been a life-long learner since far before the term was invented 🙂

I have been attending more than one school at any given time for the entire duration of my studies (from grade one), and regularly participating in continuous education and elective programs (language classes, different training sessions for self-growth). If I were to count my time in classes versus my age, I am certain I have comparable, if not more, years of schooling than life.

On my education page, I have listed many of my formal learning opportunities; however, I am conscious of the variety of informal ways in which I have had an opportunity to grow, often “just-in-time” and in fragments. As a society, we are fortunate to live in time where the answers to many of our “why?” and “how-to?” questions are only a click away.

Teaching and Learning