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J is for Jamaican

restaurantRiddim & Spice – True Jamaican

Date: May 2019

Address: 1945 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4A8

Website: http://riddimnspice.com

Dinner: Goat curry with rice and Fried red snapper fish

Drink: Ginger beer and coconut water

coconut water

Coconut water


Ginger beer

goat with rice

Curry goat with rice


Fried red snapper fish


Jamaican mask


Jaw-dropping –
just Jack-in-the-box.

Jaywalking across jazzed Jamaican jungle,
jo jam jamming, no jam-packing, no jambalaya,
not even jive.

Jingle, jingle, juxtapose junior jumble

Jump into Jacuzzi in a jiffy.

I is for Iranian

Gillaneh Grill House Iranian restaurant

restaurantDate: May 2019

Address: 1072 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2M8

Website: https://www.gillanehgrillhouse.com/

Appetizer: Kashke Bademjan: eggplant with walnuts
Dizi – Traditional Iranian lamb chickpea soup
Fesenjan – Chicken in walnut and pomegranate sauce
Drink: Mast Khiar – Cucumber and mint yogurt


Rose on the table

help button

Help button




Plate of rice

Appetizer and entree

Kashke Bademjan, Fesenjan and pita bread






I instantly identified ideology:
intrinsically Iranian.

Imposing interesting interactions
invested in injecting intimate inmates
in the immaculate interior
and their ideal ilk.

Iconic important identity –
inamorata and inamorato
an item – inaudible interactions in isolation.

Image of Icarus ignoring ill-informed inquiry,
impulsive, imbalanced, imperfect, immature,
inclined to irrationally ignite ideas
that initiate incidents inch by inch,
with irreversible implications and impact.

In-between improvisations and in-depth impressions
immediate irresistible initiatives
immersed in immemorial and immortal imprints.


H is for Hawaiian

Searching for H

Date: May 2019

Address: 3735 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 2G5

Website: https://pokemanvancouver.com/

SPICY TUNA two scoops local tuna, standard toppings, masago, roasted nuts, pickled ginger Spicy Gomae Sauce


Poke: Spicy tuna

Lemonade and watermalon

Lemonade and watermelon

Happy in harbour

Hungry for Hungarian,
which is hideously hiding.
However, having Hawaii
as a hypothetical home-country,
heading to a harbour.


Hundreds of hustling humans in harmony
Hadrian’s heirs with hairbands and hairdos,
and headphones,
like harlequins hopping high and hilarious,
taking a hack half-jokingly, half-naked like on holiday.
No haste, no hurry, a hike here and there.

Hearts in hands, harmless, with hats against heat
harvesting haiku and hallucinations,
hunting for happiness with no hazard,
heavenly hegemonic heros.

G is for German

Vancouver Alpen Club: Deutsches (German) Haus

Alpen German HouseDate: April 2019

Address: 4875 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC V5N 4P3

Website: https://www.vacbc.ca

Appetizer: Asparagus salad

Main course: Feast for Two

1/2 oven roasted pork hock, 2 schnitzel, 2 Bavarian meatloaf,
and assorted sausages. Served with spatzle, red cabbage and sauerkraut.

Dessert: Apple Strudel

A century-old home-style recipe, served with vanilla ice cream.

Drink: Beer (of course)

Asparagus salad

Asparagus salad



Feast for two

Feast for two



Light beer

Light beer

Apple strudel

Apple Strudel

Alpen House

Alpen House

Greetings from glorious German guesthouse!

Gleaming, gesticulating, gulping
gorgeous gemütlich guests:
Gunters and Gretas, gents and girls gathered in groups.
Galaxies of gallantry gearing up.

“S” would be great genesis,
as in “schnitzel” and “spatzle,” “sausage” and “sauerkrout,”
“spritzer” and “strudel.”
Instead we go for “gluten-free” and “green”
which is a game-changer.


Europe 2019 presentations and exhibitions

21st International Conference Consciousness Reframed 2019 in Porto, Portugal from June 6-8, 2019

Installation: video poem and augmented reality (AR)

About the conference, from the website:

“The conference will look at the nature of artificial thought, and forms of intelligence in nature – charted through aspects of transdisciplinary creative practice and theory in our planetary culture.

Just as new paradigms of feeling and communication are beginning to form around our interaction with life at all levels of our perception, from plants and trees to fungi and bacteria, we may see matter as inhabited mind, media as necessarily moist, and technology as a tool of the Tao.

Thought is spreading through all our systems, places and products. We need cities  that are not only smart but sensitive: schools that think,  roads that remember, buildings that feel. art that is as much extra-sensory as interpersonal.

Our consciousness is both reframing and reforming.”

Galerija Matice Srpske – Rektorat Univerziteta Novi Sad, Serbia from July 13-21, 2019


MIX2019 Experiential Storytelling in Bath, UK from July 1-2, 2019

Panel discussion where we will talk about our collaborative process and creative juices.

About the conference, from the website:

“Experiential storytelling encompasses works that foreground the experience of the audience or reader. Works that offer authentic and often personalised experiences are becoming increasingly prevalent and this year MIX offers opportunities to think about what that might mean for digitally-mediated narratives. Additional themes for this year’s conference include immersion and publishing; we define these themes broadly and are interested in how new forms of storytelling can respond to and learn from emerging works that explore the potential of immersive technologies.”

ELO (Electronic Literature Organization) Conference 2019 in Cork, Ireland from July 15-17, 2019

Exhibition of the video poem, hosted at the Glucksman Gallery, a prestigious national institution of the contemporary arts. The exhibition will be open from July 10th to allow the wider audience to experience the art.

About the event from the website:

“The theme for ELO2019 #ELOcork is “peripheries”: delegates are invited to explore the edges of literary and digital culture, including emerging traditions, indeterminate structures and processes, fringe communities of praxis, effaced forms and genres, marginalised bodies, and perceptual failings.”

On the Margin of History

Reading at Britannia library

Britannia Library, Vancouver


The collaboration with a poet, Mohamad Kebbewar, started as “Poetic pairings,” an event organized by Pandora’s Collective, an outreach non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting literary arts in Vancouver, Canada. We were excited to read together since our countries, Serbia and Syria, experienced similar fates. When we began weaving our verses together, we realized how war made us both feel the same, helpless, frightened, and lost. Our lines overlapped, our words chased each other on the paper. Even our voices echoed with the same emptiness. Mohamad and I recognized how a human soul can be peeled, layer by layer, and revealed through art. We got a lot of feedback from our audience about our work together. Thanks to the generous offer of Pamela Bentley’s time, space and editing skills, we made a good audio recording of our poem at the Co-op Radio studio.

The need to go further and investigate how art enables better understanding of narrative strategies, and the functioning of intuition led us to the idea of a visual poem, and Augmented Reality installation that would challenge new paradigms of feeling and communication. We connected with an artist and writer, Mary McDonald, whose interests are in posing poetry narrative against and within layers of sound, silence, image, and video.


“Margins of history” is a witness of the destruction of ancient history and the sharp demographic change in Aleppo, a city of six million people that lost ninety percent of its residents over the course of six years, and then filled with new people. It is the witness of the breakdown of former Yugoslavia, culminating in the NATO bombing of Serbia where silence was the only response to events that had left people in shock and disbelief. It is a transdisciplinary project that considers the tensions between personal voice and story and the possibilities of the digital visual to suggest and reinforce false and real narratives and/or to create understandings through metaphor, playing with all levels of our perception. It attempts to reframe our consciousness to find empathy and closeness, humanity in chaos.


Mobile electronic technology is used to employ symbolic storytelling in order to tell the true cost of war — the reverberating loss of the destruction of people and place, family, heritage, traditions, and cultures. Utilizing stone and clay, the oldest forms for written record as image and metaphor, through direct photo and video manipulation layers have been created from still images, clips of slow motion, time lapse, hyper lapse, stop motion, gifs, lines of light, double exposure, long exposure, motion graphics, and text. Fragmented layers of sound and image reproduce a sense of displacement and erasure. Photographs, video, text, music are manipulated by hand — distorted, skewed, glitched, inverted, repeated, placed in juxtaposition and superimposition. The AR exhibit consists of a mosaic of stills which when viewed with the AR app on a smartphone become short videos. These brief fragments of poem and film enhance the experience of the surreal and feelings of displacement. Text is digitally exploded, creating reverberating echoes of lost words, lost truths. Writing and artistic creation is a kind of healing, processing, and letting go of war and decomposition of life. Even when we chose to leave them behind, they never leave us.

map of travels in Europe

European conferences and exhibitions

Presentations, exhibitions and installations

We are going to present our collaborative work in Europe this summer. See where we are going.

Sneak peak into the video in making

Here are some initial sequences. The full video will be available after European presentations and exhibitions.

And, there is more!  We have other ideas that we want to explore for the project Still/ed Here. Stay tuned…


F is for French

La Cigale

La Cigale

La Cigale French Bistro

Date: April 2019

Address: 1961 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M7

Website: lacigalebistro.ca

Canard Confit
duck confit eggs benny / lettuce / tomato / duck-fat hollandaise

Moules Frites
white wine garlic cream / toasted garlic baguette / hand cut french fries

Canard Confit

Canard Confit

Feeling Fabulous

Fascinating feast of Fruit-de-Mer
and French fries.
Friendly, flamboyant face and
fashionable figure with fine features
forecasting feat,
facilitating fairytales.
Fantasizing about femme fatale?

Focus on food



forgetting formalities with a fork,
fetching with fingers.
Finally fortunate and full,
fuzzy but functional flying far.

French fries Latte
French fries Latte

E is for Ethiopian

Addis Cafe Ethiopian Restaurant

Addis CafeDate: March 2019

Address: 2017 Commercial Dr. Vancouver, BC —V5N 4B1

Website: https://www.addis-cafe-ethiopian-restaurant-vancouver.com/

Shared menu:

Chickpeas or garbanzo beans, and tahini, a paste similar in texture to peanut butter that is made from sesame seeds.

Addis Cafe

Addis Cafe

(Chicken) wot and Veggie Combinations

Ethiopian Spiced Tea


Enthusiastic Ethiopian
engages in elaborate
explanations about eating experience.

Elegant exposition of edible extraordinary experiments.

Each exhibited element
emotionally endlessly effective.
Empathy in existence.



Yo Doro Chicken Wot

Chicken Doro

Ethiopian Spiced Tea

Ethiopian Spiced Tea



D is for Danish



La Charcuterie

Date: March 2019

Address: 19080-96th Avenue Unit 9, Surrey BC V4N 3R3

Website: http://thebestdeli.com/

The website and the Facebook page advertise a lot of Danish products so we hoped for a nice deli with the choices that can help us “build” our own sandwich. In addition, maybe we could select a few cheeses or snacks.
There was a line-up already created when we arrived, and it seemed everyone was interested in sandwiches only. Asking for recommendations meant to interrupt the owner who liked his own stories and conversations. He couldn’t stop talking. We ended up with the same sandwich as everyone else and just decided to eat it (for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as it was enormous). If you are looking for a huge sandwich with a lot of meat, go for it!

Disguised as Danish


Different Danish – Cloverdale Bakery

Danish bakery board

Danish bakery

Date: March 2019

Address: 101 – 5780 176a St, Surrey, BC V3S 4H4

Website: https://www.cloverdalebakery.com/

Choice of the day: Copenhagen, Kringle and Marzipan slice.

Day by Day

Discovered by detour
damsel difficult to disclose any details
about Denmark or Danish.
Departed dissatisfied.

While ducks disappearing in the distance
devouring desserts
delicious, and delightful despite disgruntled dame.

Copenhagen Kringle Marzipan slice
Copenhagen Kringle Marzipan slice