Day 7: Last day

Saying good-bye is never easy, regardless of whether you are doing it with people, or with a city.

I walked to the coffee shop we like, close to the swimming pool and next to the bakery. The morning was crisp and the ice was covering the pavements making them very slippery. The colours of the foliage seemed brighter this morning, brighter yellow, brighter red. I decided to stay inside and take a coffee to go for Bonnie on my way out. The place was already full. It seems it never lacks visitors. I found my seat at one of the central long tables as all individual ones were taken. I watched people coming in, enjoying their time, having breakfast, families…

A little guy, I would say less than a year, was smiling at me from his tall chair and showing me his mother’s cell phone. She gave it to him to keep him occupied, and I think the home page with colourful icons had done the trick. That was what he wanted to show me without realizing that the screen went into a sleep mode and turned black. In the meantime, he was done with his juice, the straw was out and lost, so the remaining juice was dripping on the table though the small hole. The mother and the father were preoccupied with breakfast and the other toddler. He had a show on his own that he so joyfully shared with me. He was dipping the phone in the tiny juice pond on the table, and happily licking the telephone screen. I had fun, too.

Time for summing up the visit to Iceland: what I wanted to see? where I wanted to go? was it more? was it less? And sadness that it is over so fast. At least I feel i have a better sense of Reykjavik and it won’t be hard to find my way around, if and when I come again.

Playing with my camera: what is in the window?

Final walk up and down the streets

Our day went into the long night. We had dinner at Islenski Barinn (Icelandic Bar), then went to a play in Harpa and after that – our last attempt to see the Northern Lights.

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