Day 2: Playing with colours

A walk on the dock or Reykjavik, watching the ships in the marina.

The highlight of the day was a visit to Harpa, a concert hall and conference centre in Reykjav√≠k. The exhibition “Circuleght” was on. The installation was a combination of real-time interactive visuals inspired by eight elements: lava, basalt, glacier, water, flora, algae, microorganism and volcanic gas. It is always exciting and inspirational to see different ways people combine new technology and art. The movement of the audience triggers the movement of the visuals on the walls, so you can keep on playing with it.

We spent some time soaking in one of the geothermal pools in the city. I started with a really hot one 43.6 degrees but I couldn’t stay for long. While relaxing in the hot water (there are five hot tubs, steam and sauna) we watched the steam rising from the surface of the water and the stars above us. The temperature on a digital display ranged from 6.1 to 6.4 degree celsius. I used the opportunity to jump into the swimming pool (25m in length) where the water temperature was still pleasantly warm 27-30 degrees and made ten laps. As I don’t swim in the Pacific, this was a nice exercise.

On our way home, we were passed by numerous scooters. Not a lot of people on bikes around, but scooters are fine and it seems good vehicle to get from one part of the city to another. Most of them seemed rental and they were everywhere, against the wall, on the grass, on the pavement… They are just left there, like an abandoned pet for someone else to take them and “adopt” them for a very short term.

Scooter, city vehicle

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