W is for White Spot

Where is W?

Date: March 2020

Address: 2518 West Broadway, Vancouver

Website: https://www.whitespot.ca/

Signature White Spot sour – Clam Chowder
Served with peanut sauce.

Crispy Cauliflower Bites – Glazed in sweet chili sauce & served with mango herb salsa over cilantro sour cream. Toasted almonds.

Chicken Pot Pie – Tender chicken in a home-style broth, with potato, carrot, onion, celery & peas baked under a flaky puff pastry. Served with The Spot’s salad.

Caesar – vodka, Clamato juice, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce.

Wondering why?

Whereabouts is W-country?
When in woe and whiny,
wake up witches and wizards
to work wonders.
Welcome whimsical, winsome
writing-worthy worldliness.

Wade the wandering waters,
withhold the waves,
walk the way, wend the wiggles, the wobbles;
worship wordsmithing,
witness the weird, the wacky, the wimp, the weak;
whisper white wishes down the well,
wait for warm wave of whistles.

Whoosh the world worries with a whip,
let the wind be a weapon
to waste them on its wings.
Wipe the wounds, wrinkle wrongdoings,
whack the weeping walls,
be a warrior of wisdom
to wrap and weave the words of waltz
in wild, weathering webs.