U is for U.K.

The Cheese Inn – U.K.-ish

Date: January 2020

Address: 4585 Dunbar St, Vancouver

Website: https://www.cheeseinn.com/

Toad in the Hole: Pork bangers baked in a Yorkshire pudding with mash potato, vegetables and Guinness gravy;
Liver and Onions: Breaded calves liver, streaky bacon and grilled onions, served with mashed potato, daily vegetables and Guinness gravy

Newcastle Brown Ale
Strongbow Apple Cider

Un-usual UK

U – Uhg!

Ultimate UK.
Uncomfortably uncertain about uniqueness,
unanimously unable to understand
the unity of unstoppable upbeat.
Urban urge to unplug,
utterly utopian,
unpredictable and unparalleled uplifting upheaval,
unmistakably unleashed.

Unreal universe.