S is for Serbian

Balkan House, a Serbian restaurant

Date: December 2019

Address:  7530 Edmonds Street, Burnaby

Website: http://balkanhouse.info/

Sausages (Ćevapčići) and Shish Kebab (Ražnići) with Greek salad, mash potato and rice

House wine


Simply Satisfying

Sitting side by side with other spectators,
slowly studying the suggestions
of Serbian specialties,
I sink into soul-searching.

Sacrifices, self-sufficiency, solitude,
all in the sounds of straightforward,
seen and unseen syllables,
swiftly switching to seminal suppositions and speculations,
saying, not saying, spying
on self-assurance, self-confidence, self-consciousness.

Straying or staying solid on self-determination?
Sizable sigh.

Sufficient supply of sustenance,
secure smooth sociable sailing
through space and seconds
in such a specific situation.

Snow smiling on the surface
while setting off.

So long!