M is for Moroccan

Moltaqa – authentically Moroccan

Date: August 2019

Address:  51 West Hastings Street, Vancouver,

Website: https://www.instagram.com/moltaqa.vancouver/?hl=en

Appetizer: Stuffed aubergine and beans

Main: Lamb Tagine

Dessert: Date tart

Drink: Moroccan mint tea


Mmm, Moroccan!

We made a move to our mark.
A mid-twenties mortal,
a mankind-minding mademoiselle,
marketed her merchandise.
Maybe menu?
She mistakenly made a mess,
but we didn’t make a mountain out of a molehill.
Well-mannered, she mentioned a few munches
to mull over.
What did she mean?
Motivated, we made up our minds,
but miscalculated, too much of moreish meals.

Mental musing,
moments of memories,
Middle Eastern, Mediterranean mapping
of motherland,
then modified, manipulated by military masterminds.
Migration, movements – misplaced.

Mindfulness manifested
mellow munching with muffled music,
melting away.