K is for Korean

Sura Korean Cuisine

Date: August 2019

Address:  Robson St, Vancouver,

Website: http://www.surakoreancuisine.com/#robson

Spicy Sliced Pork – Grilled tiny sliced tender pork marinated in chilli pepper sauce.

Japchae – Stir fried savoury potato noodles in sweet sesame with beef and mixed vegetables

Bok-bunja Ju – Korean fruit wine made from wild Korean raspberries called Bok-Bunja and medicinal herbs.


Among kaleidoscopic k(c)ushions
in k(c)harismatic k(c)olours,
knowing nothing about Korean k(c)uisine,
we made a kamikaze run on kimchi
and the whole kit and kaboodle from the kithchen.

Keen to kick at the k(c)an,
the Korean key kind kens
kept our “king-of-the-kings” karma.

Kudos and kisses!

Thank you, letter “c,” for your assistance with this Kafkaesque knot.