F is for French

La Cigale French Bistro

Date: April 2019

Address: 1961 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M7

Website: lacigalebistro.ca

Canard Confit
duck confit eggs benny / lettuce / tomato / duck-fat hollandaise

Moules Frites
white wine garlic cream / toasted garlic baguette / hand cut french fries

Feeling Fabulous

Fascinating feast of Fruit-de-Mer
and French fries.
Friendly, flamboyant face and
fashionable figure with fine features
forecasting feat,
facilitating fairytales.
Fantasizing about femme fatale?

Focus on food

forgetting formalities with a fork,
fetching with fingers.
Finally fortunate and full,
fuzzy but functional flying far.