A is for Afghan

Afghan Horsemen

Afghan HorsemanDate: January 2019.
Address: #202 – 1833 Anderson St. (2nd floor) Vancouver, BC
Website: https://afghanhorsemen.com/

A warm and friendly space, relaxing and comfortable. This is the first of Vancouver international culinary puzzle that we visited. My intention is to eat and drink something that is authentic, as much as that can be far away from the place of origin.


Amazing and amusing adventure
alphabetic appetite.

Asian adolescents aren’t afar
admiring the atmosphere
abundance of appetizers,
afraid of aftermath and aging.
Adam’s apple accelerating.

Absent-minded, absorbing aggregated
amassment of aha-moments,
absolute ability to analyze
animated activities around.

All amicable.
Appreciation for aromas and ambient.
Angels and ambrosia,
an audacious audible asylum.